Disguised Toast makes brief Twitter return amid Valkyrae RFLCT drama

Sam Comrie
Twitch: Disguised Toast

After wiping his Twitter account clean, OfflineTV’s Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang made a brief return to social media amid the drama surrounding Valkyrae and RFLCT.

The immense sharing power of Twitter is unrivaled when it comes to connecting with fans and peers. However, the website can take its toll with prolonged usage.

Back in July, Disguised Toast revealed he’d be taking an extended break from social media following concerns for his mental health, prompting him to wipe his Twitter account.

In his absence from Twitter, Toast has continued making videos – recently joining Pokimane on the OfflineTV podcast – but with the ongoing drama surrounding his pal Valkyrae and the RFLCT skincare products, he decided to jump back in.

Disguised ToastDisguised Toast (YouTube))
Disguised Toast has seen a plethora of YouTubers come onto his podcast.

Returning to Twitter amid RFLCT drama

Valkyrae’s RFLCT skincare line was a project that she claimed was “two years” in the making, but its release has been met with a fiery response from the internet due to the controversy around claims it makes about blue-light.

The 100 Thieves co-owner has addressed the drama on multiple occasions, noting that some of her pals had reached out to support her amid the backlash, but some didn’t.

With fans trying to guess who didn’t attempt to help Rae, Toast dropped a cryptic tweet of the classic Simpsons gif where Abe Simpson walks into a building before walking back out second laters.

Plenty of fans quickly suggested that it was a reply from Toast about Valkyrae’s comments, but not everyone was so sure. “Toast this tweet is twisted by a Redditor as a response for Rae,” said one.

“He said he not f**kin witchyall clowns today,” added another. Some even suggested it was others posting on his account. “Why do I have this feeling that Toast didn’t tweet this?” another commented.

Whether Toast remains active on Twitter going forward remains to be seen, but some fans aren’t counting on it.