Disguised Toast shares his first impressions on meeting Dream: “It took me a second”

Disguised Toast streamingYouTube: Disguised Toast

Dream’s face reveal has been everywhere online with the popular content creator finally unmasking himself. While on the OTV podcast, Disguised Toast shared what it was like meeting the star for the first time in the flesh, being taken aback somewhat.

Dream is one of the biggest Minecraft streamers on the internet. He became even bigger with his face reveal on October 2 though. People were sharing opinions — good or bad — with various other content creators discussing the unmasking.

Despite the famous streamer’s viral face reveal, Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang struggled to realize who Dream was initially when meeting him for the first time in person.

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Toast shared the story of that fateful encounter on the Offline TV podcast. The meeting occurred in the private partner’s lounge of a streaming event. Dream recognized Toast, and walked up greet him.

“It took me a second to realize who he was because I’ve never seen his face until he revealed it,” Toasted stated during the Offline TV Podcast.

The other members of podcast then briefly discussed the Dream face reveal: “I’ve seen his face more than mine in the past couple days,” Scarra added.

According to both Scarra and Disguised Toast, the Minecraft streaming community is very tight knit. Minecraft content creators regularly meet up for social gatherings, and because Dream hid his identity for so long, the massive Minecraft streamer couldn’t partake in the IRL meet ups.

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“It was cool to see him able to come out in public. All the Minecrafters, they hop on each other’s streams. So I imagine it was rough not to being able to do that,” Disguised Toast stated.