Disguised Toast explains why Twitch streamers are “scared” to take risks

toast twitchDisguised Toast/Twitch

Twitch star Disguised Toast described why the current landscape of Twitch doesn’t foster an environment for “risk-taking” and pointed to many streamers only watching MasterChef as an example.

Disguised Toast made his return to Twitch back in November 2021.

Since then, he’s shared tons of opinions on the current state of the platform, as well as why their competitor YouTube is better for young content creators to start on.

Now, Toast has given his take on the current trend of big streamers like xQc and Hasan broadcasting their watch-throughs of the cooking show MasterChef.

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Disguised Toast/Twitch
Disguised Toast has over 2.3 million Twitch followers.

Toast on Twitch MasterChef meta

The streamer was live on December 31 when he described why Twitch streamers play follow the leader when it comes to what shows they are willing to watch on stream.

“Everyone starts watching MasterChef, ‘But guys why aren’t you watching anything else?’, Well, I don’t want to take that risk.’,” he began.

Toast said he thinks streamers are afraid of broadcasting anything outside of the established norm due to potential DMCA strikes, which can get you banned on Twitch. So far, no one has been punished for watching the cooking show on stream yet, although fellow Twitch star Asmongold predicted it “won’t last long.”

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Disguised Toast then compared streamers’ unwillingness to take risks to the glass stepping challenge from Squid Game.

“You see one guy just to a glass pane, and he doesn’t fall to his death, and everyone jumps on it.”

He continued, “People are too scared to do that, and they don’t want to risk their livelihood. So here I come with the Naruto glass pane, ‘Oh, we’re jumping on Naruto glass panes? F**k it! I’m gonna go.’ It’s only been a week, and it hasn’t broke yet. Now what?”

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Toast was referencing his recent foray into streaming whole episodes of Naruto on his Twitch channel, which so far hasn’t had any DMCA strikes stemming from it.

The former Hearthstone streamer is worried that nobody wants to take risks because of a potential ban coming from it, which would hurt content creators’ wallets in the process.

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