Disguised Toast explains surprise exit from Twitter over mental health concerns

Disguised ToastDisguised Toast (YouTube))

Popular streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has explained the reasons behind his departure from Twitter. 

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with 330 million monthly active users since 2019. Like most people, streamers often use Twitter to communicate with their friends and fans. 

While the vast majority of social media is positive in its pursuit of connecting people, there are times where it can have an adverse effect. The biggest negative is the harassment, general negativity, and addictive nature of the app. These negatives are elevated even further when you’re a popular personality or well-known figure like Disguised Toast

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Disguised Toast leaves Twitter

Disguised Toast Twitter account@DisguisedToast
Disguised Toast recently removed his profile picture and banner.

During a recent stream, Disguised Toast explained why he finally made the decision to leave Twitter. “I should go on Twitter less. That app is not good for my mental health,” said Toast. “It sucks because Twitter is the platform for gamers, like every gamer/streamer is on Twitter, and I really want to stop. But I’m so desperate for any attention and recognition, that I can’t.”

Just like most social media apps, Twitter can be incredibly addictive and the constant stream of information and interaction can prove tricky to limit. “I’m addicted to that dopamine when people are talking to me. It’s really bad, I know,” admitted Toast. “I need to stop, I need to figure out a way to use Twitter in a way that’s healthy, that’s not just me scrolling through the timeline seeing all this bulls**t.”

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Disguised Toast mentioned that Twitter has its positives, noting that he enjoys getting notified about upcoming game releases and other information he may not know about. However, the sheer amount of drama is keeping the popular streamer from having a healthy experience with the social media platform. 

As of writing, Toast has left the social media platform and removed his profile picture and banner. The account still has 1.4M followers and still comes up when searching for Toast’s username, but it appears that the Twitch streamer has, at least for now, left.

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Whether Disguised Toast will return to Twitter remains to be seen, but fans will still be able to interact with him via his Twitch livestreams. 

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