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Disguised Toast addresses Rich Campbell’s diss amid Twitch DMCA drama

Published: 16/Jan/2022 16:20 Updated: 17/Jan/2022 14:59

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Justin ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang said he squashed the beef in DMs with fellow streamer Rich Campbell after he claimed Toast purposefully got a DCMA strike to stay “relevant” on the platform. Disguised Toast made it clear he thinks viewers blew the beef out of proportion.

Former Esports caster turned streamer Rich Campbell made waves on January 15 when he reacted to a clip of Disguised Toast referencing him as “some dude” who followed in Toast’s footsteps of the Twitch TV meta.

Rich clapped back, saying: “I liked him better when he didn’t stream with his stupid ass face, bro… You were watching f**king anime, you f**king idiot. You were watching anime because you were dramatically losing viewership and you wanted to do something relevant, man.”


Toast then took his own channel to address Rich’s harsh comments.

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Disguised Toast returned to Twitch after a two-year exclusive stint on Facebook Gaming.

Disguised Toast responds to Rich Campbell

Toast took a moment to play down the potentially growing beef between the two Twitch stars.

He also addressed why he didn’t name Rich outright: “Not all of them like having their name said, so that’s the reason why I didn’t say his name out loud when I was listing people who watch TV.”

Wang then claimed he and Rich are on good terms. “We cleared it up over DMs already. I know people on social media like to farm drama, but, I think everyone typing essays care more about it than me or him,” he added.


Disguised Toast also said he didn’t mean to “who?” him, “I didn’t want to go snitching, listing names, and be like ‘Well, this guy was watching Lord of the Rings why doesn’t he get in trouble?’ because that’s a little childish.”

Despite streamers getting hit with DMCA strikes, many are still streaming TV shows as the meta rolls on.