Disguised Toast accidentally trolls himself in most hilarious way during Twitch stream

Disguised Toast Twitch Stream Self Troll Mizkif L Plus Ratio Food Delivery Twitch LogoTwitch / DisguisedToast

Disguised Toast was shocked when his takeout order arrived with an insult written on the bag, but the Twitch streamer quickly realized that he was the only one to blame for the hilarious self-own.

Eating on-stream is often a regular part of many broadcasters’ routines, with some even incorporating their meals into creating content — intentionally or otherwise.

Many order takeout as a way to quickly satisfy their appetite during extended streaming sessions, and plenty of these deliveries have resulted in funny, entertaining, and wholesome moments.

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang — the Twitch, turned Facebook, turned back to Twitch streamer — ordered some takeout during one of his streams, but things took a turn when his food arrived with an unintentional self-troll included.

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Disguised Toast Twitch Screenshot Food Delivery TrolledTwitch / DisguisedToast
Toast was speechless when his food arrived with an extra, unexpected roast.

Disguised Toast left speechless after trolling himself

During a stream on December 4, Toast decided to order himself some carryout. When it arrived, he immediately went to dig in, but became puzzled after taking a closer look at his order.

After staring at his mic in disbelief, the streamer finally managed to explain what was happening: “I just got my food delivery, and on the bag it says ‘L + Ratio!'”

Disguised Toast held up the bag for his viewers to see, many of which immediately began teasing the streamer over the unexpected roast. “How does the delivery driver know I ordered [it]?” he wondered, still in shock.

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Things quickly took a hilarious turn, however, when Wang’s chat reminded him that during his last food order, he left specific instructions to write that very same sentence on the bag — which, in that instance, was Toast’s way of trolling fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif.

“I left the delivery instructions from yesterday,” Toast confirmed, before continuing “Oh my god, that scared the hell out of me!”

Fortunately, the streamer was able to laugh at himself over these events and even sent the delivery driver a tip for their efforts. “I ‘L + Ratio’ed’ myself,” he joked to his fans, who quite enjoyed Toast’s accidental self-own.

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The situation ended up being a hilarious moment that Disguised Toast and his community will remember for a long time to come — and will hopefully be a reminder to Wang that he should make sure to cover his tracks the next time he decides to troll one of his fellow Twitch streamers.