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Asmongold responds to fans saying he ‘failed’ WoW Classic

Published: 2/Sep/2019 22:52 Updated: 4/May/2020 14:39

by Eli Becht


Twitch streamer World of Warcraft Classic, perhaps more than anyone, but some fans are upset with the way he played it and say he “failed” the game.

WoW Classic has taken over Twitch since its launch on August 26 with many large streamers grinding the game and reliving their childhood.

We’ve already seen our first Level 60 and the dreaded Molten Core toppled, but WoW’s biggest streamer Asmongold wasn’t the first to do either of these. In fact, his playstyle has left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans.

BlizzardWoW Classic has arrived.

lengthy Reddit post, which has received over 15,000 upvotes along with three Platinums, 10 Golds, and 16 Silvers, made by user Eurothemist called out Asmon’s playstyle, saying he relied too much on his chat for help, among numerous other things.


“You asked for legacy servers for years but when they came around you just weren’t strong enough to do it without begging for gold and items.”

WoW Classic is known for its grind as it’s missing numerous quality of life changes such as a dungeon finder, quest markers, easy access to mounts and many more.

When you find ways around all that, it defeats the point of Classic in the eyes of many players.

“You failed Classic, you failed your fans, but most of all, you failed yourself,” wrote Eurothemist. “We thought more highly of you. You’re disappointing.”


Asmongold failed classic wow from r/classicwow

Once Asmongold caught wind of this thread, he responded to it on stream, questioning how Reddit allows posts like this.

“I’m amazed, honestly more than anything, just like a perspective, the mods let people just like make hate threads about somebody else and just leave it the whole time,” he said. “You know, that seems crazy, I don’t know, I feel like that’s against Reddit’s base site rules.”

It’s worth noting that not every player out there has any strong feelings for or against Asmongold. In fact, some don’t have feelings towards any streamer. “Play the game stop watching streamers lmao,” wrote user dotabtw.


It’s no secret that Asmongold is a titan in the World of Warcraft community, as he managed to put together the first major PvP event of Classic.

Despite his massive fanbase, it’s clear that he has rubbed some players the wrong way based on how he handled the return of Classic. With that said, it doesn’t seem like this post has hurt his viewership on Twitch in the slightest.