Discord-shaped McDonald’s nugget found and it’s already TikTok famous

Alec Mullins. Last updated: Jan 14, 2022
Mcdonalds and Discord found some surprising unity when a nugget went viral on TIktok

The worlds of fast food and gaming have united once again as TikTok is now celebrating the discovery of a McDonald’s nugget that looks exactly like the Discord logo.

The story started when members of Discord’s social media team noticed a post on their subreddit of one user who said they had found a Mcdonald’s Chicken McNugget that was shaped exactly like the company’s logo.

While the original post had been removed by the time Discord saw it, they set out to contact the person who posted it to ask if they still had the item in question.

After a little bit of careful negotiation, both sides reached an agreement and the nugget was on the move to be investigated for real.

Discord-shaped McNugget becomes TikTok famous

It took a while for the mystery nug to arrive, but it did eventually show up, having been packed up nice and tight for its long journey.

Since the Discord team had been burned by claims of food that looked like their beloved mascot before, there was still a sense of anticipation in the air up until the box was opened for real.

Their fears were quelled after popping the lid and finding exactly what was promised: a batter-fried version of Clyde (the discord logo).

Unfortunately for Chicken Clyde, even all that careful packaging couldn’t save him from getting too moldy to keep around, so the journey ended with him being dumped into the trash.

TikTok reacts

Some fans were upset that the story had such an abrupt ending despite such a long journey. One user even went as far as suggesting that Discord should have gone the extra mile to save this bite of food history: “Could have tried encasing it in resin first to preserve it first.”

Another commenter joked that eating the moldy version of the nugget would have given the team Discord-related superpowers: “Eat it and you’ll be able to use light mode in Discord again without it hurting your eyes.”

It may not have ended the way the community wanted but at the end of the day, there’s no denying the impact that this little morsel of chicken had, with the story racking up over 1.5 million views collectively.