Diplo only just found out that David Dobrik is famous

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World-famous DJ Diplo has revealed that when he first met YouTube star David Dobrik, he had no idea who he was, instead, he thought he was just a friend of DJ Dillon Francis. 

David Dobrik is one of the most well-known internet stars, boasting a massive 18 million YouTube subscribers, more than 26 million TikTok followers and more than 14 million Instagram followers. Dobrik has expanded on to many more platforms, created his own podcast, launched an app, and there are even hints at other massive business ventures in the near future.

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As a social media giant living in Los Angeles, naturally, Dobrik brushes shoulders with huge mainstream celebrities. He’s previously told stories of his interactions with the Kardashians, and he’s hung out Leonardo Dicaprio, Kevin Hart, and John Stamos among many others.

Considering his ability to befriend almost any celebrity, it’s pretty unusual when they don’t know who he is, especially when they’re already living in LA and meeting other well-known internet icons.

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David Dobrik and Kevin Hart with dogsInstagram: daviddobrik
Dobrik has made friends with some very famous people in recent years.

In an interview with Dobrik on an episode of his VIEWS podcast on Wednesday, March 3, Diplo recalled the moment they met. David began by saying he and Dillon Francis have a joke that Diplo has no idea who he is, and so he said to Diplo “Do you know who I am?”

Diplo stuttered and said no, which sent Dobrik into fits of giggles, before saying, “well I met you backstage one day and I thought you’re just Dillon’s friend and that’s all I knew. I never really met you properly until tonight actually.”

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But David remembered another previous interaction he’d had with Diplo on the red carpet at the AMAs at which point Natalie, who he was with at the time, asked him if he knew Diplo. “I was like I don’t think I do and I honestly don’t think he knows me either.”

He continued, “I always thought that I was just some sort of like a made-up figment of Diplo’s imagination like he sees me at parties and stuff.”

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Diplo tried to explain his thought process, adding, “I always thought you were just Dillon’s really happy friend with the cool hair and I now I’m like you have a house and stuff and like podcasts, I thought you ordered pizza or something for everyone’s gonna hang out with his friend I didn’t know it was like cameras… you are like a spirit though it’s like you just are like I don’t know you’re everywhere.”

Diplo might be one of the very last celebrities living in LA to find out who David Dobrik is. At the very least, having appeared on VIEWS, he’s unlikely to underestimate David from now on.

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