Dina Belenkaya challenges Andrea Botez to chessboxing rematch in Russia

andrea botez vs Dina Belenkaya in chess boxingYouTube/Ludwig

Twitch star Andrea Botez has been challenged to a chessboxing rematch against Dina Belenkaya after her controversial loss at Ludwig and Mogul Moves’ Chessboxing event.

The chessboxing showdown between Dina Belenkaya and Andrea Botez was one for the ages. While Dina secured the win by checkmate, many believed the bout should have ended with a Botez victory by TKO in round 3.

While Ludwig confirmed that Andrea should have won, the decision was not reversed, although the YouTuber revealed that Botez would be receiving her own belt for her performance.

Now, Belenkaya has gone full Ivan Drago and has issued a challenge to fight Andrea Botez again, because she wants it to follow the “Rocky Saga.”

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Dina Belenkaya challenges Andrea Botez to Rocky-style rematch

Following Ludwig’s ruling, Belenkaya took to Twitter to slam the “double win” as Andrea had called it.

“It’s so sad for Andrea Botez who trained for 3 weeks in boxing. I trained for 26 years in chess. I started playing at 3. First competition at 5,” she listed. “This is called chessboxing and I’m the winner!”

She further stood her ground and issued a challenge to the Twitch star to face off with her again, but this time, it would be on her own turf.

“Want my belt? Rematch in Russia!” she proclaimed.

However, she further explained why she wants the rematch to take place in her home country and it has nothing to do with politics.

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“I choose Russia to follow the rules of the Rocky saga, not as a political move/view of any sort.”

So far, Botez has yet to accept the challenge, but the good news is that unlike Rocky 4, no one died in the ring. Therefore, don’t expect her sister, Alexandra, to travel to Russia on a quest for vengeance.