Dillon Danis responds as Logan Paul claims he committed a “federal crime”

Connor Bennett
Logan Paul talking into mic side-by-side with dillon danisYouTube: imPaulsive/TikTok

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has clashed yet again, with the former UFC fighter calling Logan a “coward” after the YouTuber-turned-wrestler claimed Danis had “admitted” to a federal crime during their recent face-to-face. 

The Paul brothers and Dillon Danis have been going back and forth online for years, but things have seriously heated up now that Logan and Dillon are scheduled to fight on October 14

Danis has constantly gone after Logan’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, posting photos of her with other men – some real and plenty fake. That has sparked legal action between them too, with Agdal getting a restraining order against the former UFC fighter and also claiming damages of $150,000. 

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Logan and Dillon recently took part in a head-to-head for DAZN, marking the first time they’ve been together since the fight was announced. Well, now he’s claiming that a lot of that was edited as per a request from Dillon. 

Logan Paul & Dillon Danis clash again over “federal crime” claims

The YouTuber-turned-wrestler posted an Instagram story on September 20, noting that he’d “finally” watched the face-to-face back and claimed that there was around “10 minutes” of footage missing that he wanted to air. He also claimed that Dillon had requested that be taken out as he’d apparently admitted to a federal crime in there.

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Danis fired back at that claim, calling Logan a “coward” and a “rat” for involving the law in their beef. 

“Translation: Predator commits federal crime in pursuit of stalking and harassing woman he’s never met & is upset he’s held accountable,” the imPaulsive host said in response to that.

The former UFC fighter finally responded to that a few hours later, saying that “no federal crime has been committed” as he also labeled Logan a ‘liar’ for his claims. 

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“No federal crime has been committed. You’re just listening to the lies of your fiancée in order to save her self-image. Everything is public, and I will prove that. It’s not my fault you didn’t Google her name before you put a ring on that Thot,” he tweeted.

The legal action posed by Nina has threatened to jeopardize the fight, prompting Logan to bring in fellow former UFC fighter ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry as a backup option. 

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Though, it remains to be seen if that’ll be needed.

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