Dillon Danis questions lack of drug tests for Logan Paul fight after calling him a “juice head”

Dillon Danis sat in chair at Logan Paul face to faceMisfits Boxing

Dillon Danis has suggested that he and Logan Paul aren’t being drug tested for their upcoming fight after the results of KSI and Tommy Fury’s tests were revealed.

When influencer boxing fights first started out, they were little more than amateur events. While production was like a professional pay-per-view fight, the records didn’t count for any recognized body and everyone had to wear headguards. 

Things have taken a massive leap forward in recent years, and now, every influencer fight is contested as a professional one. That, of course, means drug testing and being spot on with weigh-ins. 

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Logan Paul has constantly denied accusations of using steroids to bulk up, but he’s been put in the spotlight again ahead of his clash with Dillon Danis. 

Dillon Danis questions lack of drug testing for him and Logan Paul

The trash-talking between Logan and Dillon has gotten incredibly personal, both online and in-person, with a legal threat from Logan’s fiancee Nina Agdal potentially jeopardizing the fight

On top of that, the former UFC fighter has suggested that neither he, nor Logan, have been drug tested so far, and it looks like he wants that to change. 

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“Why didn’t me and Logan get these tests? Told y’all I never lie,” he tweeted on September 13, referring to the negative results from both KSI and Tommy Fury’s most recent round of testing. 

As noted, the YouTuber-turned-WWE wrestler has constantly denied accusations of steroid use and recently hit out Danis’ claim that he ‘denied’ testing for the fight as he also called him a “juice head.”

Logan claimed, on his recent appearance on the FLAGRANT podcast, that the former UFC fighter was “making s*it up” and he was open to being tested. 

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He hasn’t responded to this latest jibe from Dillon, though, so we’ll just have to wait and see if he does.