Diego Martir beefs with ex Desiree Montoya’s boyfriend after cosy TikToks

Instagram: Diego Martir/Desiree Montoya

Diego Martir and Desiree Montoya may have broken up nearly two years ago, but it looks like this former couple may be reuniting just in time for Valentine’s Day… Despite the fact that Desiree already has a boyfriend.

Fans first started to get suspicious when Danielle Cohn posted a TikTok of the two dancing on February 13. Although it just seemed like two friends hanging out, things then escalated when Montoya’s boyfriend, Rene Alegria, made his feelings known about the two exes getting close, simply commenting ‘…’ on their video.

However, following drama page TikTok Room’s reportage of this Diego claimed in a comment that Desiree was, in fact, single and not dating anyone. Unfortunately, if that was the case, Alegria didn’t get the memo, as he revealed in an Instagram Live that as far as he was concerned, he was dating Desiree. “Yeah we’re dating, I ain’t trying to make a big deal out of it,” he said. “I’m gonna let her handle this situation, and if she doesn’t that’s cool – either way, I’m still with her.”

Things then became a little more messy after Martir uploaded a video of him lip-syncing to Desiree while she laid on top of him and plucked his eyebrows. She also appeared to post a topless picture of her ex to her Instagram story. Unsurprisingly, this led to Rene losing his cool, as he commented saying “I’m finna whoop Diego” before calling him a “little kid” on his Instagram story.

Empathizing with Alegria, many fans felt that Martir was crossing boundaries with his ex. One Instagram user asked: “Isn’t that basically cheating?” while another said: “And the fact that DIEGO is okay with her laying on him makes me sick to my stomach.” Several other fans branded Diego and Montoya “disrespectful” in Instagram comments.

Responding to this criticism, Diego said in an Instagram comment: “How am I being problematic? I’m going for Desiree’s birthday, ya’ll mad weird. The kid [Rene] can like or dislike me I don’t care, it’s his opinion.”

Hinting at a potential fight between the two, Martir later posted to his story that he’d “be in Houston [where Alegria lives] in a few days.” Meanwhile, Desiree is yet to comment publicly on the situation and clarify her relationship status.