Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards 2018 - Nominees, dates and info

by Calum Patterson


The biggest (and probably only) award show for celebrating the biggest liars and storytellers on social media is upon us, as the third annual 'Didn't Happen of the Year Awards' (DHOTYA) has been announced.


As the name suggests, these awards find the best examples of things typically shared on social media that most certainly 'didn't happen'.

You may recognize some of the trademarks, such as a very young child suddenly having an epiphany on world politics, or a classic 'I had the last laugh' tale.

Here's a simple example of one which is up for the awards:



Harry Barnes, 23, is the creator of the DHOTYA, and told LadBible "I feel so much more can be achieved on social media than what it's used for today and wanted to use DHOTYA as a way to push boundaries, create unique content and do something positive."

As for what qualifies as a 'didn't happen moment', Barnes said: "most people usually tell these lies to push a political agenda of some kind, whether it's their views on Brexit, other politics, sexism, etc."

He also mentions the common use of children in the stories, which makes for an even better 'didn't happen' candidate, "almost like 'if my kids can see it then you all should'."

And it's not just for laughs, as the awards are raising money for charity, aiming for a goal of £10,000 for homeless charity 'Shelter'.


The winners will be chosen over December 28-30, and the process has already started with the announcement of groups.

Betting odds from bookmakers BetVictor tell us which ones are the favorites to win, and some of them are truly incredible tales.

The overall favorite is this 'Helicopter' story from musician Tom Zanetti, which apparently contains many tropes of an ideal 'didn't happen' contender.


2nd favorite is this incredibly detailed and lengthy story dubbed 'Supermarche'. It's hard to tell if this story was intended to be taken seriously or not, but either way it comes in at 5/1 to win the whole thing.



The creator, Harry Barnes, has picked his favorite of all the challengers too, selecting this football related tale using the hashtag #WokeCup.


You can keep up with all the action on the DHOTYA Twitter page, where they will first be deciding winners from a total eight groups, with four contenders in each.

You can also donate to the charity by visiting this website or texting "DHOT94 £2" to 70070 to donate £2 (UK Only).