Did Tyler1 secretly propose to longtime girlfriend Macaiyla in Hawaii? - Dexerto

Did Tyler1 secretly propose to longtime girlfriend Macaiyla in Hawaii?

Published: 28/Aug/2019 0:37 Updated: 28/Aug/2019 1:48

by Isaac McIntyre


League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp may have secretly proposed to his girlfriend while on vacation in Hawaii, according to Macaiyla on her return to Twitch.

Divisive Twitch personality Tyler1 took some time away from streaming to treat his girlfriend of three years to a sunny getaway at Turtle Bay in Oahu, before jetting back to Detroit to make a hilarious appearance at the League of Legends Championship Series finals.

Apparently, before he partnered with Riot Games for the comedic mid-game segment, however, Tyler1 popped the question to Macaiyla. The only problem is, he may not have been able to afford an engagement ring.


“Oh yeah, Tyler proposed, we’re married,” said Macaiyla when asked what the couple did in Hawaii. “Me and T! After three years of being together we’re married.”

She added that her boyfriend, who returned to streaming League of Legends on Twitch after being unbanned at the beginning of 2018, didn’t have enough money for a ring: “He didn’t get me a ring. He doesn’t have enough money right now, but we got engaged in Hawaii.”

Macaiyla - TwitchMacaiyla may have spilled the beans on Tyler1’s proposal.

Needless to say her Twitch chat, most of whom tune in to interact with her about Tyler, exploded with jokes and questions. One told Macaiyla her boyfriend was making a big mistake, which caused her to explode in a rant about the perfect girlfriend.


“What do you mean big mistake?” she said. “Why would him marrying me be a big mistake, please go on? He deserves better? Are you out of your mind? No, he doesn’t deserve better.”

“The only reason you’re saying this is because you hate my chin” she added. “You don’t want him to date a girl with a big chin, that’s it. You want a hot Asian girl or a girl with big tits that streams in Just Chatting to 4k people or something. No, fuck off, I am his girlfriend.”

Macaiyla then immediately rebuked the idea the couple had actually tied the knot, suggesting Tyler may have just got down on one knee: “No, we’re not married.”


It seems like Macaiyla may have been baiting her chat about actually marrying Tyler, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t get proposed in Hawaii nonetheless. Whatever the situation, let’s hope one of LoL’s biggest streamers can actually afford a ring if he does pop the question.