Did Snapchat remove games?

Snapchat logo over picture of a phoneUnsplash: Priscilla Du Preez

Some Snapchat users have noticed that they are no longer able to play games on the app — here’s what you need to know about whether Snapchat games have been removed.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, and is used by millions of people each day who send pictures, videos, and other media via the app.

Up until recently, you could play a series of minigames such as Aquapark from within the app, which would allow you to compete with your friends.

The games feature provided entertainment for many, but in February 2023, users noticed that the feature was no longer available, leading them to wonder whether it had been removed entirely. Here’s what you need to know about the feature.

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Snapchat logo on an iPhoneUnsplash: May Gauthier
Snapchat is still a hugely popular social media platform.

Did Snapchat remove games?

Yes, Snapchat has removed the games feature on the app. In reply to a tweet on February 7, the company confirmed: “Games and Minis are no longer available. We’ll be bringing more focus to other Snapchat products and features that will be beneficial to creators and content viewers.”

Going to the ‘Games on Snapchat’ page on their website now leads to a message that reads, “Important: Games are no longer available.”

The removal of the games feature seems to have come as a disappointment to the people who frequently used the feature, but whether it will be making a comeback at any point remains to be seen.

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