Did Logan Paul perfectly predict David Dobrik’s downfall two years ago?

Logan Paul on the mic with David DobrikYouTube: Logan Paul/David Dobrik

Amid all the drama with David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad, some fans believe Logan Paul predicted that downfall of the YouTuber all the way back in 2019, but not everyone’s convinced.

Over the last few months, former members of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad have aired their grievances with the YouTuber. Some have said they were tricked into making “traumatizing” content, while others have said making videos with Dobrik made them feel “worthless.”

Additionally, there have been sexual assault allegations leveled against former Vlog Squad member Dominykas ‘Durte Dom’ Zeglaitis.

As a result, multiple sponsors have severed ties with Dobrik, he’s stepped down from his Dispo app, and issued two apologies. However, some fans believe Logan Paul predicted everything almost two years ago.

David Dobrik releases second apology video.YouTube: David Dobrik
Dobrik has released two apology videos regarding the ongoing controversy.

Twitter users have pointed to a clip from the June 11, 2019 episode of imPaulsive where Logan spoke at length about Dobrik and members of his Vlog Squad making jokes about Logan’s controversies during a private party at his house.

In the clip, Logan refers to Dobrik’s “internet persona” and issues a pretty clear message about wanting to be careful moving forward.

“David goes ‘oh, you did the Suicide Forest video’. David, shut the f**k up dude. For real, time to move on,” Logan said. “We get it, you’re hot s**t now but I think I can speak for everyone who knows you, if you keep this attitude up, your time is coming. I was there dude, I was f**king there. So, ease up tiger, ease the f**k up.”

Topic begins at 13:25


While Logan hasn’t said anything about the ongoing Dobrik scandal, some fans believe he knew the downfall was coming. “Your man predicted David Dobrik’s fall from grace,” one fan tweeted. “I remember this clip, and I 100% agreed with him. It made so much sense,” added another. 

However, some saw it in a different light. “I think what he meant by “I was there too” is that he was also too arrogant to believe his actions won’t bite him in the ass someday,” they added. 

Given all the attention given to the clip, it might be a topic of conversation on an upcoming imPaulsive episode, and we’ll have to wait and see what Logan says.