Did Fouseytube actually meet Drake for his July 15 event? - Dexerto

Did Fouseytube actually meet Drake for his July 15 event?

Published: 9/Oct/2018 1:20 Updated: 9/Oct/2018 1:21

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Adam Saleh has released his final vlog detailing allegations towards controversial social media figure Yousef ‘Fouseytube’ Erakat, who Saleh says has mistreated him and others.

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According to Saleh, Fouseytube put him and another YouTuber ‘through hell’ trying to meet American rapper Drake outside of a nightclub, allegedly making the two stand outdoors ‘doing nothing’ for hours.

Fouseytube likewise released a video during that time, where he said towards Drake, “I’m at the place that you’re at… don’t ask how I found it, bro, God put me here.”

“You look kind of like a creep,” Saleh said of the videos.


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Fousey then woke up Saleh and a group of other personalities around five AM upon returning from the club, after which he asked those assembled to record a video saying that they wouldn’t share the information he was about to release.

Saleh revealed this information in his vlog, stating that Fousey told them that he saw Drake leave the nightclub – but didn’t actually speak with him.

“That’s it,” Saleh stated. “That’s the answer. …All he did was see [Drake] from a distance. That doesn’t mean that you met him, and that doesn’t mean that you have to use him for your show.”


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Fousey’s July 15 live event was advertised with Drake as a main appearance, although the rapper never ended up showing. The event was cancelled following a bomb threat, after which Fouseytube went on a tirade on top of a car roof.

This recent claim follows a slew of several in Saleh’s series of three videos over Fouseytube’s alleged antics.