Did Crazy Frog die? Insane viral post brings classic meme back into the spotlight


Crazy Frog Updates, an unofficial fan page, has sent Twitter into a spiral after posting of the death of the Crazy Frog in a wild flashback to the mid 2000s.

The Crazy Frog, aka The Annoying Thing, was an unmistakable sound heard across schoolyards worldwide. It was then turned into an incredibly distinctive CGI character, spawning a number one single that trotted the globe in a bizarre turn of events that no one could have predicted.

Now, 13 years on from the one-hit-wonder and one of the original memes to capture the internet’s attention, the Crazy Frog has been launched back into the collective consciousness through a Twitter thread that’s gone astronomically viral.

“Crazy Frog has died” reads the tweet from the Crazy Frog Updates fan page. Listed as ‘Not Associated with Crazy Frog’ in the page’s bio.

Following on from the initial shock announcement, the account continued “Will follow up with updates if/when I get confirmation.”

Eventually catching the eye of the official Crazy Frog page, the thread ended with “Good News:” followed by a retweet of the verified Crazy Frog saying “I don’t think so.”

In what was a whirlwind of emotion for fans and detractors of the divisive character, thousands of people have taken to Reddit and Twitter to express joy and sorrow at the news. With “Rest… sweet prince” being the adieu of many to the bug-eyed creation.

Quick to make news of the passing as quasi-official as possible, the Crazy Frog wiki was instantly bombarded with changes listing the CGI character’s death date as April 17.

Fans looking to find a reason behind this post going viral were quick to point out that this isn’t the first time the Crazy Frog Updates has claimed that the character has died. “It’s ok lads, he’s done it before

Considering the 3.3 billion views on the Frog’s original video, and the indelible mark it left on early internet culture, the cold response has been nothing short of hilarious.

As one tweet went into great detail to rewrite a prayer for the modern ages: “Give us this day our daily ding; and forgive us our dongs as we forgive those who ding ding against us; lead us not into bam bam, but deliver us from bong bong. Amen.”