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Destiny explains why “brown noser” Ludwig doesn’t like him

Published: 16/Nov/2021 16:55

by Dylan Horetski


Twitch streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell has called Ludwig a “brown noser,” saying his fellow streamer doesn’t like him because of QTCinderella and Hasan’s feelings towards him. 

Destiny is hugely popular on Twitch, with over 687,000 followers on the Amazon-owned website. He’s gained popularity over the years for his political commentary as well as games like Dungeons and Dragons.

However, despite his popularity, his time on the platform hasn’t been exactly smooth sailing. Twitch took away his partnership in September 2020 due to “encouraging violence,” as well as being banned the following April after a guest flashed an inappropriate image on stream.


On November 14, after hearing Ludwig Ahgren talk bad about him on stream, Destiny explained that he believes Ahgren is just a “brown noser” that hates whoever his friends dislike.

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Destiny explains why Ludwig doesn’t like him

During his November 14 stream, Destiny opened Ludwig’s stream to hear the creator bad-mouthing him while talking about a local Super Smash Bros event.

Ludwig explained: “A couple of streamers are there by the name of Destiny and Malena. They are at a Smash event doing IRL speed dating. They’re not affiliated with the event in any way, I think they just booked a part of the venue to do speed dating.


“The only reason I know this is because they have two goons roaming around trying to sign smashers up to do speed dating, and went up to my friend. Then they explained it was with Destiny the streamer.”

Ludwig continued on to seemingly mock Destiny for trying to do “anything for content” before ending his statement.

Destiny continued his stream while at home, and minutes later explained why he believes Ludwig doesn’t like him: “Sorry, if you wanna know why Ludwig doesn’t like me, its because QT hates me because her friends hate and because Hasan hates me, and Ludwigs a brown noser or whatever.


“We’ve literally never had a negative interaction together.”

Destiny didn’t seem to be too bothered by the comments.

Right after he explained why he believes Ludwig hates him, the streamer went right back to the game he was playing with his friends.