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Entertainment • Oct 28, 2018

Destiny attempts to make contact with xQc in hilarious moment at TwitchCon 2018

Destiny attempts to make contact with xQc in hilarious moment at TwitchCon 2018

Popular Twitch streamers Destiny and xQc had a hilarious moment of misunderstanding during a livestreamed conversation caught during TwitchCon 2018.


Destiny went live in a late-night irl stream on October 27, where he could be seen sitting in a lounge with several other attendees.

xQc could be heard next to him, saying, “We’re trying to get the juice by Postmates.”

Destiny appeared to be absolutely flummoxed by what xQc was referencing. “You’re trying to what?” he asked.


xQc repeated himself, to which Destiny replied, “The juice by Postmates? What the fuck is that? … I don’t know what the fuck the juice is! What the fuck does that mean?”

xQc laughed at Destiny’s apparent confusion and poked fun at him to the stream. “He doesn’t know, guys!” he said. He then defined ‘the juice’ for Destiny, explaining that the term was slang for alcohol. “Like Fireball and shit,” he continued, referencing the cinnamon whiskey.

“Oh,” Destiny replied. “Like alcohol.”

“Yeah! The juice!”


This hilarious conversation between two of Twitch’s big-name streamers marks just one humorous instance brought by this year’s TwitchCon thus far. The Doritos Bowl Blackout tournament likewise provided some memorable shenanigans, including the moment where OpTic’s CouRage had his headphones turned backward for over 20 minutes.

Another noteworthy debacle to happen at this year’s TwitchCon included streamer ‘mmDust’s’ controversial panel, which has since been shared throughout social media for his self-proclaimed ‘god complex’ in regards to his audience.

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