Destiny accuses Adept of “gold-digging” from xQc amid divorce drama

Left: Destiny, Right: Adept and xQcYT: Destiny Instagram: AdeptTheBest

YouTube streamer Destiny has accused Adept of “gold-digging”, hoping to claim some of xQc’s assets among a speculated divorce proceeding.

A leaked filing suggesting that xQc and Adept are in divorce procedures has been leaked online. Neither side officially confirmed the information that surfaced, leaving speculation to run rampant.

Addressing the controversy, Destiny presented a theory that the couple never officially married, but that Adept could be seeking a divorce on the grounds of “common-law marriage”.

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Destiny reacted to the information presented by Henry Resilient and shared his opinion on the situation on his January 24 stream.

Destiny suggests Adept is “gold-digging”

“I think what Adept is trying to do, is she’s trying to make an argument that she and xQc probably met the requirement for the common law marriage, so she’s trying to file for a divorce now,” Destiny said.

“Because when she gets divorced from xQc she’s gonna be entitled to some sum of his assets that were accumulated during the duration of the marriage. That’s what she’s trying to do, gold-digging, unironically,” he speculated on stream.

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Reactions to Destiny’s take were split. “S**t dude. I could have told you that,” commented one user. While another agreed: “Common law and divorce settlements are for things like this, which while they can be abused, are usually a good thing. This situation is just gold digging in every conceivable way.”

Others though, simply called it a “hot take.” Another viewer commented, “I start disagreeing with people when they say she was always a gold digger and that this whole time she only wanted his money.”

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Neither xQc nor Adept have made any statements concerning the rumors at the time of writing.

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