Dellor slams Twitch while announcing return to YouTube Gaming: “Manipulated, lied to, strung along”

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In what could be the final chapter of his time on Twitch, popular streamer ‘dellor’ announced a return to YouTube Gaming after claiming to be “manipulated, lied to, and strung along” by the Amazon-owned platform.

One of the most entertaining (and controversial) content creators in gaming, Matt ‘dellor’ Vaughn has built a massive following based on a combination of high-skill FPS gameplay and unpredictable on-stream outbursts.

This style of content has often landed him in the hot seat, specifically with Twitch. After being banned several times, including a one-year removal that was unexpectedly reversed, dellor found himself working towards partnership on the service once again.

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Now, after grinding to re-earn his Partner status and sub button (two crucial components to earning money on the platform), Vaughn suddenly announced that he would turn to streaming on YouTube, while slamming Twitch for their handling of his latest return.

Twitch streamer dellor announces return to YouTube

On October 17, dellor shared a video on Twitter titled “Lies, deceit, and manipulation — why I’m leaving Twitch.” In the clip, he slammed the streaming service over their handling of his attempts to regain partnership.

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“I know I’ve said and done some things in the past . . . that definitely warranted punishment,” he began, “But there’s a difference between someone getting punished, and someone just getting manipulated, lied to, and strung along, which is what’s been happening to me.”

According to dellor, Twitch told him that if he streamed for a certain period of time without any negative actions against his account, he would be able to recover his Partner status and the ability for fans to subscribe and support him.

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“I talked to [Twitch] and said ‘I will switch back [from YouTube Gaming] if I can earn back everything that I had before, otherwise I’m staying on YouTube,'” he revealed, “And they said ‘Okay, that will be possible.'”

Dellor then continued: “So I streamed for a year on Twitch and the time comes where I’m supposed to get back what they promised, and they tell me that it’s no longer possible.”

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Vaughn’s announcement comes just days after he blasted Twitch once again while streaming on YouTube. “It’s either continuously get f**ked, or put my foot down and say ‘I’m done,’ and move on. So that’s what we’re gonna try to do,” he confirmed.

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It appears Vaughn has turned his attention back to YouTube completely, with no streams on his Twitch channel (that remains un-Partnered at the time of writing) in more than two weeks.

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Dellor’s return to YouTube comes in the midst of an exodus of other large streamers from Amazon’s broadcasting platform, making him the latest in a series of high-profile departures amidst the service’s various on-going dramas.

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