Delivery driver gets $499 worth of free groceries after customer cancels order

Delivery driver unveiling groceriesTIKTOK: belindamayy

A Spark delivery driver went viral on TikTok, after claiming she got $499 worth of Walmart groceries for free because a customer canceled their order.

TikToker Belinda (belindamayy) took to the short-form app to share how she hit the jackpot after a customer changed their mind about their Walmart order.

In her video, which has over 1.2 million views, she showed off an enormous grocery order worth $499 that she had just gotten for free. Belinda said she was allowed to keep all the groceries, as the order was canceled.

The Spark delivery driver unveiled some of the items she’d received, which included snacks, frozen meals, meats, fruits, vegetables, desserts, and more. In her TikTok bio, she said the haul was so large that she had to buy two deep freezers to store all the foodstuff.

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Belinda also claimed that she received her $50 base pay through Spark in addition to getting to keep the groceries. “I swear to God I get so lucky! I needed this blessing,” she captioned her video.

TikTok reacts to Spark shopper getting grocery order for free

Most TikTok users in the comment section were happy for the delivery driver.

“I would be on cloud 9 for WEEKS if this happened to me. Congratulations!” one person wrote.

“This is great! I’m glad you were able to get this,” another added. “What an amazing blessing!! I’m over here all excited for you,” a third shared.

Others, however, said she should’ve returned the groceries to the store.

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“I do Spark as well you are supposed to return to the store,” one commented. “Pretty sure you gotta take it all back,” another agreed.

In a follow-up clip, Belinda explained that the order was canceled by Spark itself because it was a “cold order violation,” meaning cold grocery items were in her cart for too long. She also revealed that she got the groceries for free due to a glitch on the app. Normally, she would have to return them.

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