Delivery driver divides TikTok after blasting hospital patient’s $4 Papa John’s order

DoorDash driver blasts hospital patient Pizza Hut orderTIKTOK: sexcwanch

A DoorDash driver went viral on TikTok after blasting a customer who placed a $4 Papa John’s order from a hospital, sparking debate.

The driver went on a foul-mouthed rant in her TikTok video, claiming that the customer expected her to find the hospital room they were in.

The DoorDash driver, however, didn’t want to go inside of the hospital with the customer’s food and wanted them to meet her outside instead.

“This is another reason why I cannot f**k with DoorDash,” the TikToker, who posts under the handle sexcwanch, wrote in the 25-second clip. “Why the f**k I’m at the hospital right, OK, whatever. This b*tch talking about some room 2, room what, room who.”

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She continued, “b*tch I’m not going into no hospital to deliver no f**king nasty, sloppy-ass Papa John’s. You got me f**ked up. You better bring your ass out, or this sh*t gonna be out on the f**king sidewalk. I’m not going.”

“And it’s a $4 order y’all tweaking” the TikToker wrote in text over the video.

TikTok divided over DoorDash driver blasting hospital patient customer

Many TikTok users agreed with the driver’s complaints, but there’s hardly a consensus forming on the topic.

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“Nah fr because who got time for that for $4?!” one user commented. “You not wrong who personally drops orders off to hospital rooms like be for real,” another wrote.

“Girl don’t accept them small orders cause a big order waiting for you right after,” a third added.

Other users, however, dragged the TikToker for ranting about the customer.

“With that attitude you need to quit! I hope they don’t tip you either cuz I sure wouldn’t,” one user commented.

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“Signs up for DoorDash but doesn’t want to DoorDash,” another user quipped.

“Y’all wonder why you don’t make tips. Can’t expect me to pay for the bare minimum,” someone else shared.

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