Deji reveals girlfriend breakup happened before old comments went viral

deji and dunjahhInstagram: comedygamer

British YouTuber Babadeji ‘Deji’ Olatunji has revealed that he and ex-girlfriend Dounja ‘Dunjahh’ Akoudad broke up a month before she was accused of making racist remarks in a Twitch stream.

Deji is a huge YouTuber in his own right, with over 10 million subscribers, but is often recognized as KSI’s younger brother, a mega-successful YouTuber-turned-boxer-turned-music artist.

Deji has been with his girlfriend Dunjahh since around May 2019, having first met around nine years prior on Runescape.

While the pair haven’t exactly been a high-profile couple in the online influencer sphere, they’ve documented a lot of their relationship online, as well as having their own individual channels.

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dunjahh instagram postInstagram: dounjax
Dunjahh has been with Deji since around May 2019.

Although Dunjahh’s Twitch channel isn’t a big one, she managed to draw a lot of attention during a stream with several others after making a comment during an argument, which has resulted in accusations of racism being made against her.

During the argument, WesleyTW accused her of having a “fat a*s nose,” after which she turned her head to the side to show her nose and questioned his remark.

She then said: “Fat a*s nose? You’re black. You’re literally black. What are you talking about, fat a*s nose,” bursting into laughter afterward.

Earlier in the stream, Wesley had also been berating her for making a comment that was “out of pocket.”

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She responded simply saying, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry that you’re black.”

Later, Dunjahh tried to argue that she was essentially fighting fire with fire, but viewers are frustrated and disgusted with the comments that were made.

Dunjahh posted a statement the morning after, saying “I said a terrible stereotypical remark which came across as very racist. I never intended to be racist, but that doesn’t mean that certain things can’t come across as racist.”

She added that she feels “really bad” and takes full accountability for her actions, explaining that she is “truly, truly sorry.”

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Deji reveals breakup with ex-girlfriend after racist remarks go viral

A day after the stream went viral, Deji took to YouTube to post an update about the situation, revealing that he and Dounja had actually broken up in the beginning of December 2021.

“It was a mutual thing,” he explained. “There was no toxicity. We both understood that I wanted to focus on my career.”

“I don’t think she’s racist,” he went on to say. “I think she was just extremely out of order. What she said was really bad. It was hard to watch, really, very hard to watch.”

Deji further clarified that, although he’d meant to put out the announcement after his upcoming fight against Alex Wassabi, he felt compelled to explain the situation following the debacle and appears to be done discussing the matter for now.

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