Deji says he’ll “never” box KSI after cryptic tweet goes viral

Deji says he'll never fight KSIYouTube: Deji, JJ Olatunji

YouTube boxer Deji Olatunji has denounced any possibility of fighting his older brother, fellow influencer KSI, after his big bro made a tweet claiming his next fight was his own flesh and blood.

Both KSI and Deji are coming fresh off massive wins from their August 27 boxing event.

Deji emerged victorious over YouTube star Fousey, while KSI defeated two separate opponents — rapper Swarmz and Mexican pro boxer Luis Pineda — marking a hugely successful night for the brothers.

While KSI was ecstatic about his little bro’s big win (the first he’s ever had in his boxing career), he published a tweet shortly afterward that had the entire internet in shock: “Deji will be my next opponent.”

However, it doesn’t look like Deji feels the same way, whether his big bro was merely joking or not. He addressed the possibility in a YouTube video on September 15, saying there’s no amount of money an event could pay him to face off with his older brother.

Deji says he’ll “never, ever” fight his brother KSI

He brought up the topic after viewing a clip from Jake Paul’s podcast, where the YouTube boxer claimed that KSI would certainly beat Deji if the fight ever actually happened.

“The thing is, I’ll be real, I’m never gonna box JJ, alright?” Deji said of the matter. “I’m saying that now. I will never ever box him. There’s actually no amount of money that will make me box JJ. Never. I will never, ever do it. I could 100% put my heart, soul, everything on [the line], I’ll never do it.”

(Topic begins at 8:10)

For now, rumors continue to swirl that Deji might be facing off against undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, although nothing has been officially confirmed about this matchup at the time of writing.

With KSI putting his eyes on MMA star Dillon Danis for his next bout, these two bros seem spoken for, with no real interest in taking each other on in the boxing ring.