Deji releases video of his dog biting neighbor after losing court case

Virginia Glaze
BBC / Deji,

YouTube star Deji Olatunji has been ordered to put down his beloved German Shepherd pup, Tank, who allegedly attacked his neighbor in July 2018. CCTV footage of the incident has finally been released over a year later.

Deji published footage of the purported attack on December 19, after being ordered to have the dog “destroyed” on December 17 upon losing his court case.

Deji’s neighbors alleged that the dog left “serious” injuries to his neighbor who, came to grab a parcel from his doorstep, as well as the neighbor’s son-in-law.

Deji, InstagramAfter multiple court hearings, the dog of YouTuber Deji Olatunji has been ordered to be “destroyed.”

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Footage provided by both law enforcement and Deji shows the neighbor attempting to open Deji’s front gate, after which Tank bolts into the yard, heading straight for the elderly woman.

With the dog seemingly honed in on the neighbor, she raises the parcel in her hands to protect herself, swatting Tank with it as he appears to try to bite the woman.

Using the parcel as a shield, the neighbor manages to shoo Tank away, and steps outside of the gate as the doors swing outward.

The BBC likewise provided photos of the neighbor’s injuries, which show what appear to be multiple bite marks on her leg.

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After the incident had been brought up with local law enforcement, Deji accused his neighbor of lying about the incident, claiming that Tank had merely “nipped” the woman and even alleged that her son-in-law had tried to kick the animal.

Deji went on to allege that law enforcement were trying to suppress his side of the story on the incident, and was later fined £18,000 after admitting to owning a dangerous dog.

However, Deji has since argued for the protection of his neighbor’s identity, after her name and addressed were included in articles regarding the biting.

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Both Deji, his older brother KSI, and his fanbase previously circulated a petition to help save Tank after the dog was taken into police custody in 2018 — but it seems as though the YouTuber may not get his pet back, following the December 17 court order.

Deji likewise uploaded a video discussing the incident on December 17, announcing the fate of Tank, “the first dog I’ve ever owned,” with fans across the net expressing their sympathies in wake of the tragic situation.