Deji finally updates fans following feud with KSI

Virginia Glaze
Deji, KSI - YouTube

Popular YouTubers Deji and Olajide “KSI” Olatunji are no strangers to internet drama, getting caught up in fierce feuds with each other twice this year – and Deji is finally speaking out about the aftermath of their latest fight.

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The youngest Olatunji brother uploaded a video to YouTube on August 12, explaining that he is genuinely happy with his current content and doesn’t care about public opinion regarding his channel.

“I’m actually in such a happy place on YouTube right now,” Deji said in his video, titled ‘I have to talk about this.’ “I’ve actually never been in a happier place. I’m doing what I want to do on YouTube and I don’t really care about what people think.”

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KSI, Twitter
These YouTube brothers have had multiple falling outs in the past – but Deji seems to be doing quite well in spite of the family drama.

Deji likewise stated that he isn’t concerned with losing subscribers in wake of his highly publicized arguments with KSI, calling the loss “dead weight.”

“I know I’m losing subs and everything, but to be honest, I don’t care,” he continued. “Losing subs to me is actually a good thing, ‘cause it’s dead weight.”

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What happened between Deji and KSI?

The feud between Deji and KSI spans several months, beginning in late 2018 after Deji dropped a diss track against KSI’s BFF and cameraman Randolph, which blatantly showcased KSI’s private bank records.

Things turned up yet another notch after Deji accused his brother of getting a girl pregnant in response to Randolph’s ensuing diss track – an accusation that saw KSI block his little bro on social media.

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That’s not all: Deji went on to release a diss track against KSI, and even made an appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast to discuss the drama – a serious offense, considering that Paul is KSI’s number one rival.

The two even got into a heated argument on Christmas day, as told by now-deleted audio recordings that resulted in KSI being kicked out of his parents’ home on the holiday.

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While the two made up after Deji removed his diss track against his brother, he later relisted the video in early May, resulting in yet another explosive feud that saw him accuse KSI of physical and emotional abuse.

Proceedings have been relatively quiet following KSI’s thorough debunking of Deji’s allegations – until now, with Deji appearing happy and content as to his current career on YouTube.