Deji claims he can "drop" Jake Paul after his boxing win over AnEsonGib - Dexerto

Deji claims he can “drop” Jake Paul after his boxing win over AnEsonGib

Published: 1/Feb/2020 21:34

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Jake Paul shocked the internet after downing opponent AnEsonGib in the first round of their debut pro boxing match — but there’s another content creator who has his eyes set on the victor.

Deji Olatunji, younger brother to KSI, notably boxed against Jake Paul in August 2018 on the initial KSI vs Logan Paul undercard.

While the Team 10 founder came out of the ring with a bloody nose, it was Deji who suffered a loss after going five rounds with his opponent in the Manchester Arena.

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Despite these highly-publicized results, it doesn’t look like Deji is through with his former rival, as evidenced by a series of Twitter posts after Gib’s own defeat on January 30.


“Lemme fight Jake again, I promise I will finish him this time!” Deji confidently posted, after expressing incredulity at the British boxer had lost.

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“Don’t doubt me, I will finish him,” he continued. “I will prove to you all what I’m capable of, stay tuned.”

Deji later took to YouTube to further express these sentiments, where he claimed that he would “drop” Jake, should they get the chance to meet in the ring once more.

“I know deep down in my heart I could have finished Jake,” he began. “I know that for a fact. If I didn’t get struck with the nerves… I know I could finish Jake. If I have a chance to finish him, I know I’ll drop him. And I know I will.”


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Despite his confidence in the matter, it doesn’t look like the internet is too convinced, with fellow YouTuber Adam Saleh suggesting that the Brit take on a smaller personality before going back to the big game.

“First you gotta get through Slim honey boo boo,” Saleh replied. “Don’t doubt him.”

That’s not all; both Slim and Saleh teased that the former’s next boxing opponent could very well be Deji in a February 1 video, although this has yet to be confirmed at the time of writing.

With Jake setting his sights on KSI in revenge for Logan Paul’s 2019 rematch loss, it doesn’t look like Deji will be taking a bite out of his former rival anytime soon — no matter how he feels about their 2018 bout.