Deaf Fortnite Twitch streamer impersonated on Twitter amid growing popularity

by Alan Bernal



After a wild few hours, it appears as though Ewok was not hacked at all, but that someone actually created the Twitter account that's at the center of the drama. 

Her real Twitter account has been discovered and her family didn't even know that any of this had taken place. 

The original timeline of events can be found below:

Twitch streamer EwokTTV has been embroiled in a growing controversy as it seems her Twitter account has been hacked following her stellar rise in popularity.


EwokTTV recently exploded onto the Twitch spotlight after getting numerous hosts/raids from popular streamers TimtheTatman, Mizkif, and more, but now a growing controversy is swirling around the 13-year-old broadcaster.

In a March 15 post, someone claiming to be EwokTTV’s father shared a private conversation between Ewokk and YouTube clan ‘Eh Bee Family’ that included a derogatory comment toward the young deaf streamer.


Twitter users were quick to point out the discrepancies in the alleged DM.

The Eh Bee Family immediately denied sending the message, providing proof that the image had been altered.

They posted screenshots of their own DMs to show that the incriminating message had indeed been completely fabricated. 

With the real DMs in hand, many users on Twitter began piece things together and point out areas that show that it had indeed been a poor Photoshop and not actual messages. 

Not only was there an exclamation point missing from the final message sent by the Eh Bee Family, it was noted that while the original message said "If you ever decide you want to pursue" as opposed to "If you ever decided and want to pursue."


The situation became even more muddier when EwokTTV’s account started posting heinous messages and attributing a random third party as the alleged hacker.

It was at this point that it became clear that the entire thing looked to have been the result of someone else gaining access to her account. 

EwokTTV / Twitter
EwokTTV / Twitter
The hacker made sure to plug their own Twitter account before bowing out.

Soon after the hacker posted the above tweets to Ewok's account, they were quick to make light of the situation with a tweet that left little doubt as to their involvement. 

The account has since been set to private.

While some users on Twitter were calling foul and alleging that Ewok has actually fabricated the entire ordeal, popular esports consultant Slasher chimed in to make sense of the ordeal and quickly shut down this line of thought. 


After several minutes laters, it appears that the real EwokTTV regained control of her account.

She posted a tweet explaining the situation and apologizing to the Eh Bee Family for any hate they received as a result of the ordeal. 


It looks like EwokTTV will try to look past this incident, as she’s shown incredible potential to be a longtime streamer and Fortnite pro player in the months to come.