DC just revealed The Joker’s real name

joker real name flashpoint beyond #5DC Comics

In the recently released Flashpoint Beyond #5, DC has revealed the real name of iconic Batman foe, The Joker.

The original Flashpoint arc sees Barry Allen’s Flash race back in time to save his mother’s life. This time-warping event creates a universe wherein Bruce Wayne died in Crime Alley, resulting in his father, Thomas, taking the Batman mantle.

Bruce’s mother, Martha, adopts an even darker form, becoming the Flashpoint version of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Given the event’s popularity and its significance to DC continuity, Geoff Johns’ recent return to the Flashpoint universe in a miniseries is turning quite a few heads. And one reveal, in particular, has added another wrinkle to one of the greatest mysteries in comics.

Warning: Potential spoilers below.

Has DC finally settled on a real name for The Joker?

Issue #4 of the miniseries revealed the identity of the Clockwork Killer as none other than Martha Wayne, the Flashpoint timeline’s Joker.

Flashpoint Beyond #5 delves deeper into what drives her into the land of madness. Confronted by Thomas’ Batman in Arkham Asylum, Martha confirms she killed the Psycho Pirate, an emotion-controlling villain who counts among the few people to remember the pre-Crisis DC Universe.

She committed this act after learning her son is the Dark Knight in the main DC continuity. Psycho Pirate also disclosed the Joker as a failed comedian who supports his wife and child by working as a janitor at Wayne Casino.

“His name is Jack Oswald White,” Martha explained before revealing her intention of going back in time to guarantee Bruce becomes Batman.

flashpoint beyond joker real nameDC Comics
Flashpoint Beyond #1 cover art.

Since she’s talking about an alternate iteration of the Clown Prince, Joker’s real name in the mainline continuity may not be the same as White Stripes’ lead vocalist.

In the last few decades, DC has given Joker numerous identities. Batman 1989 dubs him Jack Napier, for example. Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the character bears the name Arthur Fleck. It’ll be interesting to see how the Jack White identity is put to use going forward.