Day6’s eaJPark hints that he’s finally getting Twitch partnership

Jacob Hale
Jae Park Kpop Twitch streamer
Instagram: eajpark / Twitch

Park Jae-hyung, better known as Jae of K-Pop group Day6, has been grinding his way to partnership on Twitch — and it looks like he might finally be getting it.

Jae hasn’t made much of a secret of his love of gaming, and in August of 2020 he made huge steps towards making himself more of a name in the space.

He turned up to play in some seriously entertaining Among Us games with the OfflineTV crew, alongside the likes of Valkyrae, Scarra, LilyPichu and more.

At the time, he said he loves everyone he was playing with but was “so nervous he couldn’t sleep” the night before.

Jae Park of Kpop group Day6

That said, he’s clearly become a lot more comfortable with it all and has started to become an increasingly popular Twitch streamer himself, earning over 375k followers at the time of writing.

Often streaming Valorant or Among Us or just chatting with his viewers, Jae is becoming a fully-fledged Twitch streamer on top of his musical endeavors — and it could be about to get even more serious.

While there has been some controversy over his Twitch career, with some fans believing it could impact his or Day6’s image, Jae tweeted on February 25 simply saying “Twitch partner? Pausechamp,” with many believing it to be a hint that partnership is coming.

As a Twitch partner, that would mean Jae is able to start building a subscriber base, play ads on his channel and earn donations in the form of Bits, among other things. In short, he’ll be able to start making real money from it.

Dream SMP member and one of MrBeast’s crew, Karl Jacobs, was one of the first to respond, in a crossover that got fans of both very excited.

Of course, nothing’s confirmed yet, so fans shouldn’t get too excited, but all signs are certainly pointing in the right direction.