David Dobrik to host new Discovery Channel dodgeball show

Virginia Glaze
David Dobrik stands next to a metal shipping container with the words "Dodgeball: Thunderdome"
Discovery Channel / The Hollywood Reporter

David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest stars, best known for his hilarious, fast-paced vlogs — but now, he’s taking his talents to reality television with a brand-new competition show centered around the classic schoolyard game of dodgeball.

Yep, you read that right; David Dobrik will soon become a television game show host for none other than the Discovery Channel, where he will pit groups of players against each other in an extreme version of dodgeball.

The show, titled “Dodgeball: Thunderdome,” will throw down on a 13.8-acre arena, and its competitors will include both professional athletes and contestants who may not be so sports-savvy.

When will the first episode air?

The first episode of Dodgeball: Thunderdome (hearkening back to the Mad Max title of Hollywood fame) will air on Wednesday, August 9 at 9 PM. Although Dobrik is a YouTuber first and foremost, fans will have to catch the action on TV via the Discovery Channel — not your laptop or smartphone.

How will it work?

This isn’t any ordinary game of dodgeball: The Hollywood Reporter teased that, in this competition series, “winners are not determined simply by their strength and the losers aren’t always picked last,” hinting that there will be more challenges than just throwing a ball at the opposition.

“I’m super excited to be working with Discovery on Dodgeball Thunderdome,” Dobrik said of the upcoming show, as told by THR. “Dodgeball was always everyone’s favorite game in gym class and hosting this show brings back many sweaty memories of dominating in Vernon Hills.”

How many episodes is Dobrik’s new show?

As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter on August 4, the show will be nine episodes long, with the final episode bringing back each winner for a special knockdown, drag-out battle of the champs.

David Dobrik lounges on the grass with Kevin Hart and a dog.
Instagram: Kevin Hart
David Dobrik is no stranger to athletics and entertainment: the YouTuber partnered up with celebrity comic Kevin Hart for his YouTube series “What the Fit?” in March.

Considering Dobrik’s penchant for crazy antics and insane pranks, this new series comes as little surprise from the YouTuber who’s teamed up with the likes of Kevin Hart and even Howie Mandell in previous collaborations.

Mark your calendars and set an alarm — this is one insane show fans won’t want to miss!