David Dobrik reveals plan to host his own late-night TV talk show

david dobrik late night tvTwitter, @DavidDobrik / Pexels, Monica

David Dobrik, leader of the Vlog Squad, has shared his lifetime dream: to break into late-night television as the host of a celebrity-filled, potentially Jackass-styled talk show.

For many, late-night television is one of the cornerstones of American culture and entertainment. For Dobrik, who grew up enjoying such content before becoming one of the frontrunners of modern internet media himself, hosting a late-night show remains an omnipresent goal.

In the years before internet content began defining the cultural zeitgeist, late-night television was a pivotal force in the American entertainment industry. With hosts like Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and David Letterman acting as mouthpieces for popular culture, the role was deemed so unique and intriguing that it even became explored in critically acclaimed television parody

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Now, decades later, that role remains intriguing to Dobrik. As Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and others continue as mainstay hosts on TV, former icons like Letterman have shifted toward streaming services (in his case, Netflix). In an interview with Variety, Dobrik explains that he too wants to transcend media and pioneer modern-day late-night content.

Already comfortable interacting with celebrities, while earning the spotlight himself, Dobrik’s fit as a late-night host is easily imagined. So easily, in fact, that the Wall Street Journal called him “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon” back in March 2020.

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In his interview with Variety, he expressed just how true he hopes that premonition could be: “I’ve always wanted to be a late-night host — that’s my big dream.”

From hanging out with Sacha Baron Cohen’s character to watching Chris Rock’s performance in with Rock himself, it’s clear that the comfort around celebrity, and with pop culture, is there.

As for how Dobrik intends to get there? His new podcast, “Views,” is step one. Noting that the podcast offers him a chance to maintain his own studio, book his own guests and, above all else, practice hosting celebrities — Dobrik suggests that “Views” may be a path toward late-night hosting for content across television and digital media.

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And that content may be a little weirder than Fallon and Kimmel’s current repertoire. Dobrik described his latest talk-show concept, which remains a work in progress, as “meets late-night.”

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