David Dobrik reveals how much money he was making at his peak on YouTube

David Dobrik with YouTube logo in bottom left cornerYouTube: David Dobrik

David Dobrik has revealed how much money he was making on YouTube at his peak, and it’s a truly eye-watering figure.

Dobrik is undoubtedly one of the biggest names on YouTube and has made plenty of money in his still-young career.

That said, he’s been open about the fact that he no longer makes money from YouTube, and while it’s hardly destroyed his career by any means, it definitely puts into perspective just how he and other YouTubers have had to adapt.

But some have had to adapt more than others, and it’s fair to say Dobrik’s loss in earnings will be more sizeable than many others.

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David Dobrik sitting by pool at LA mansionInstagram: daviddobrik
Dobrik isn’t exactly strapped for cash.

During an episode of his Views podcast, alongside co-host Jason Nash and assistant Natalie Mariduena, David Dobrik revealed the insane amount he was making just from AdSense on YouTube at his peak.

“The best months, this was like 4 years ago, I was making like $275,000 a month,” he revealed. “It’s crazy because back then you could play any song, say any swear word, whatever it was it would just get monetized to the full extent.”

He then added that he was only making that much for around 3 months then the ‘adpocalypse’ happened — with advertisers pulling out and a shift to more family-friendly content — after which he dropped to around $50k a month.

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Timestamp 28:20

David went on to explain that had the ‘adpocalypse’ not happened, he would probably now be making around $1.5-2m a month, which really would be absolutely absurd kinds of money.

It’s not as though Dobrik is short on cash, though, and has recently even got his own show on Discovery+ called ‘Discovering David Dobrik’, which sees him and his friends traveling the world to experience different cultures.

That said, if he could be making an extra $2m a month, that’s got to sting a little.