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David Dobrik reveals how assistant Natalie saved him from “dangerous” LA gunfire

Published: 1/Mar/2022 5:32

by Brad Norton


David Dobrik was recently at a Los Angeles nightclub when things got “dangerous” as multiple gunshots were fired off. While no one was killed and just a few minor injuries were sustained, the YouTuber detailed how his assistant Natalie Mariduena “saved” him and his crew.

While Dobrik and the Vlog Squad team have been traveling the world lately as part of a new “dream” TV series, LA is where they call home for the time being. 

Whether it’s visiting million-dollar mansions or linking up with other celebs, LA has long served as the ideal setting for his immensely popular YouTube vlogs. Though it’s not always sunshine and rainbows in the American city.


Just recently, Dobrik was at the location of a “dangerous” shootout in a popular nightclub. Fortunately, no lives were lost during the incident, he confirmed on the ‘Views’ podcast. But with multiple gunshots fired just meters away, the YouTuber was forced to flee the scene.

YouTube: David Dobrik
Dobrik was supposedly just meters away from gunfire near an LA nightclub.

This particular club happened to be closed off late one night for an exclusive afterparty. “There were probably 100 people outside trying to get in,” Dobrik’s assistant Mariduena explained.

With many celebrities allegedly inside, dozens of LA locals were also trying to make their way through, causing police to arrive on the scene to “clear the crowd.”


As part of a bigger group attempting to get in, Dobrik and his friends on the night were right outside when the situation turned ugly. “Six shots went off,” and it was the closest he had ever been to live rounds.

“It’s like being 10ft away from a firecracker when I was 100ft away from the shots,” Dobrik said. “They went off, and everybody was just f***ing running.”

The nightclub discussion begins at the 4:20 mark below.

The “extremely dangerous” incident ended with multiple injuries, but the YouTuber and his group were able to make it away unscathed thanks to Mariduena.

As the designated driver that night, she was the hero of the story as she helped escort ten or so friends away from danger shortly after gunshots rattled the club.