David Dobrik reveals his bizarre first encounter with Justin Bieber

Jacob Hale
Instagram: justinbieber / daviddobrik

In his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, David Dobrik has spoken out on the bizarre run of events that was his first time meeting pop superstar Justin Bieber.

On Dobrik’s late-night debut, Fallon asked him all manner of things about his channel, the content he puts out, and the infamous marriage of Dobrik and his best friend’s mom.

Jimmy mentioned that he really enjoyed Dobrik’s video with Justin Bieber, in which he surprised a bunch of college kids with the ‘Yummy’ singer, with every reaction being just as brilliant as the last. But Dobrik had a slightly more interesting story about Bieber and the first time they met.

YouTube: David Dobrik
Dobrik recorded a video with Bieber that went viral, with fans of both loving the collaboration.

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Asked about how the video came to fruition, Dobrik spoke about meeting Bieber in Los Angeles’ Doheny Room and the bizarre events that took place.

“I saw him at the club and one of his friends was like ‘you’re going to meet Justin.’ I remember just… I was so nervous,” he told the late-night host. After their introductions, Dobrik says it took a bit of a surprising turn.

“We were kind of just standing next to each other for a little bit, and then he walks by me and says ‘tickle tickle’,” reenacting the way Bieber tickled him as he passed him.

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Immediately Fallon burst out laughing and tried to deny that it could have happened, but Dobrik swore it was true and said the only response he could muster was “okay, cool!”

He also said that he “felt so good” after Bieber tickled him and that the tickle was the best possible icebreaker.

At the time of writing, Dobrik’s video with Bieber has already amassed over 14 million views in little over a week, proving how much of a hit it has been. Just a week later he uploaded a video with Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, proving Dobrik has become far more than just a YouTuber now.