David Dobrik reveals why he refuses to take Uber rides

by Andrew Amos
YouTube: Vanity Fair / Uber


David Dobrik may have enough money in the bank to get an Uber anywhere he wants, but the YouTube star has revealed he hates using the car-ride service, and others like it, and almost flat out refuses to use them.

Uber and other ride-sharing services revolutionized how people got around during the 2010s. Instead of having to hail a taxi on the sidewalk and paying exorbitant fees, Uber made it so drivers came to you, for cheap.

While it was an appealing proposition to most, it wasn’t for David Dobrik. The YouTuber gets around in his own car everywhere, showing it off in his weekly vlogs, and refuses to catch a cab.

David Dobrik shocked standing next to Tesla car
YouTube: David Dobrik
David Dobrik is a car fanatic, getting around in Tesla's and Ferrari's.


The topic came up while the YouTube star was recapping what his average day looks like to Vanity Fair in a recent interview. He made an off-handed comment about how much he despises catching a taxi or using ride-sharing services like Uber, preferring to drive himself around.

“I love driving,” he said. “Everywhere we go is 100%, like I have to be driving. I’m so uncomfortable in other people’s cars, I can’t [use] Uber.

While being uncomfortable when he’s not in control is one reason, that’s not the only one as to why Dobrik prefers to chauffeur himself, and his friends around. He just loves the feeling of being behind the wheel.

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“I’m like that guy that, when I had more time, I would love to pick up my friends from the airport,” he added. “I would get so mad at them when they would call an Uber, because I was like ‘I can be there, let me just pick you up, I love driving.’”

He also added that on any given day, he would spend hours in the car, either chatting with friends, organizing his day, or just meandering around.

“Most of my day, I think, is spent in my car either driving around or going from house to house seeing what people are doing.”

David Dobrik driving in YouTube vlog
YouTube: David Dobrik
David Dobrik spends a lot of time driving around in his vlogs, and is rarely in the passenger's seat.


The YouTuber’s life isn’t just holed up inside his car, even if his vlogs do have a fair bit of driving in them. He gets around to places all across the USA by plane, chills with his closest friends every night, and has some pretty quirky superstitions about certain mundane tasks.

From setting an alarm every 20 minutes in the morning so it feels like “more sleep,” to catching the water in the shower with his mouth to make gushing waterfalls, there’s a lot to Dobrik that’s not shown on camera.

Not taking Ubers is just one of the YouTuber’s many quirks, and whether it be superstition or not, it’s just how he loves to live his dream.