David Dobrik gives $10,000 to fan for finding his lucky $1 bill

Instagram: daviddobrik

Earlier in May 2020, David Dobrik put a certain dollar bill out into circulation in Los Angeles, offering anybody who finds it a $10,000 reward – and now the winner has been found and paid.

On May 20, Dobrik posted a TikTok explaining that he was putting a dollar bill out into circulation and that he had written a secret message and his name on it. The deal was that whoever ended up with it and contacted him would win $10,000.

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This wasn’t your typical scavenger hunt, with the note being handed to a cashier of some sort rather than left in a hiding place, making it impossible to know exactly where to go to get it.

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It didn’t take long, though, for the bill to be found and Dobrik to be contacted, posting just six days later another TikTok of him dueting with a fan who had found it, confirming the secret message and that she was the winner.

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Then, a few hours later, Dobrik uploaded to his Instagram story the moment where he traded the $1 bill back for the $10,000 check, with both parties looking delighted about the transaction.

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He confirmed in the Instagram story that the winner, Hailey, had actually received the bill only a few hours after he posted the original TikTok, with her mom handing it to her as a graduation gift.

The luck is truly unbelievable, and that $10,000 could go to any manner of things. If you were missing Dobrik’s YouTube content recently, this will make for great viewing – and a reminder that if you’re not tuned into all of his social media accounts, you could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars.

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