David Dobrik terrifies Kevin Hart with snake prank

David Dobrik Too, YouTube

YouTuber David Dobrik has a slew of celebrity friends, including Kevin Hart, who he pranked with a massive banana python while filming for the comedian’s internet show ‘What the Fit.’

Hart and Dobrik have been steadily releasing the fruits of their latest collaboration on YouTube, with the YouTuber leading a huge fitness class in Los Angeles as part of the comedian’s physical education program.

However, that wasn’t the end of their hijinks; Dobrik uploaded some behind-the-scenes footage of their collab to his second YouTube channel a few days later, where he revealed a hilarious practical joke he pulled on the movie star.

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David Dobrik, Instagram
YouTuber David Dobrik and celebrity comedian Kevin Hart teamed up for his ‘What the Fit’ workout show in mid-March.

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For his prank, he enlisted the help of an exotic animal handler, who allowed him the use of his friendly banana python as a way to scare Hart, who apparently has a pervasive fear of many species in the animal kingdom.

To start, Dobrik asked that Kevin put a blindfold over his eyes for a “smell” challenge, where he was asked to identify a series of objects hidden inside tissue boxes by smelling them.

The “challenge” was quickly interrupted after Dobrik told his companion that it was fine to remove the blindfold, revealing that he’d snuck the python inside the car while Hart was distracted trying to smell the tissue boxes.

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David Dobrik Too, YouTube
David Dobrik snuck a banana python into a car to prank Kevin Hart, who notably has a fear of many exotic animals.

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Hart nearly jumped out of his skin after seeing the snake, quickly ducking out of the car and away from the animal as fast as he could.

“That could have gotten ugly!” Hart laughed after making his escape. “If I didn’t find that [door] handle, I could have broken this car!”

“…if you would have had that thing on my lap or something, I would have s**ted myself!”

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This isn’t the first time the pair have pulled pranks on each other. In fact, Hart pulled a practical joke on Dobrik during their ‘What the Fit’ collaboration by hinting that wrestling legend and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would join them for the segment.

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However, this was not to be, leaving Dobrik (and the rest of the audience) sorely disappointed — but it looks like the former Vine star got back at his buddy in the end.