David Dobrik confronts drunk trespasser in his backyard

. 2 years ago
David Dobrik, YouTube / TikTok

YouTube star David Dobrik was met with an uncomfortable situation on May 9, after a seemingly inebriated stranger wandered into his backyard — leaving both Dobrik and his crew visibly uncomfortable.

As one of the net’s most popular content creators, it comes as little surprise that Dobrik deals with the occasional breach of privacy from overenthusiastic fans or paparazzi digging for info about his relationship status.

However, his private estate was trespassed upon by a stranger on May 9, as evidenced by a viral TikTok the social media celebrity posted that documented the awkward encounter.

David Dobrik, Instagram
David Dobrik’s backyard, as pictured here, was trespassed upon by a seemingly drunken stranger, leading the YouTuber to post a TikTok documenting their encounter with the caption, “Okay, I think it’s time to move.”

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In his video, Dobrik opens up a sliding glass door leading to his backyard, showing a stumbling, seemingly drunken stranger without a shirt wandering around the space.

“Hi hello, just checking your area out,” the trespasser can be heard saying after Dobrik greeted him. “You got some good fresh air, a good yard …um, do you guys have anything to drink, by any chance?”

“Yeah, but you’re in our backyard,” the YouTuber incredulously replied.

David Dobrik, TikTok
The shirtless stranger claimed his flannel had blown into Dobrik’s yard and asked for a drink.

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“Okay, I’m sorry,” the stranger apologized. “I’m gonna go back… my shirt’s along the back, there. I have a blue flannel…”

“Oh yeah, go grab it,” Dobrik said before returning to the house — along with the shocked and uneasy expression of his assistant, Natalie, who mouthed, “What the f**k?”

The vlogging star went on to explain that the man had even waved at one of his assistants as if he knew him, further adding to the incredulity of an already awkward scenario.

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While Dobrik was obviously taken aback by the stranger, he has yet to speak further about their encounter, and has since updated his TikTok profile with various videos of other, unrelated shenanigans from past outings and videos.

Dobrik is far from the first YouTuber to have dealt with trespassers; in fact, YouTube king PewDiePie has repeatedly begged his audience for privacy, even revealing that parents would bring their children to his house after his home address was leaked online.

Needless to say, it’s never okay to invade anyone’s personal space or property — but it looks like Dobrik had the situation well under control.

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