David Dobrik allegedly cancels secret Hawaii trip after Vlog Squad comeback leaks

Instagram: DavidDobrik / Unsplash Sean.O

While David Dobrik appeared to have plans in motion for a secretive shoot in Hawaii to kick off a YouTube comeback, the potential Vlog Squad reunion has reportedly now been called off. 

When allegations began piling up around Dobrik and various members of his YouTube crew, it wasn’t long until the former YouTube star disappeared from the internet entirely. Following a second apology video on March 23, all of his channels were demonetized, thousands of fans fled, and Dobrik announced a “short break” from social media.

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Two months later – after further controversies came to light – Dobrik was reportedly back,” as Instagram insider ‘deuxmoi’ suggested.

A Vlog Squad reunion of sorts appeared to be in the works: Dobrik was set to host a Honolulu getaway to film multiple videos that would launch as part of a 2022 comeback. However, this trip no longer seems to be in the cards.

VloG squadInstagram: durtedom
Dobrik seems eager to reunite the Vlog Squad as part of a 2022 YouTube comeback.

Despite no official confirmation from Dobrik or any remaining members of the Vlog Squad, deuxmoi unveiled their alleged plans in a May 25 post. It’s this leaked intel that supposedly got the entire thing called off.

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“What happened with the [Dobrik] trip?” an Instagram user asked the popular social media leaks account. “David took the [Vlog Squad] to Hawaii? No one has posted anything about that.”

It turns out that this very leak “made them push/cancel,” according to deuxmoi. There’s no telling exactly what the crew had planned, though any form of content to be filmed during the tropical getaway has now been shelved, according to the post.

It’s unclear how this may impact Dobrik’s intended 2022 return to the spotlight.

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David Dobrik's Hawaii trip canceledInstagram: deuxmoi
Dobrik’s Hawaii getaway was reportedly called off after plans spilled out online.

There’s every chance the controversial figure records content with the Vlog Squad locally, but for the time being, nothing is set in stone.

Should the timeline hold true, Dobrik will be back on YouTube after a 10-month break. However, Corinna Kopf recently suggested his return could come as early as June, with Dobrik potentially resuming his VIEWS podcast soon.

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