David Dobrik begs YouTube fans to stop showing up at his house

Instagram: David Dobrik

David Dobrik has issued an impassioned plea to fans that have been getting a bit too close to the YouTube superstar and his family recently, begging them “not to come to [his] house” because it can be “a little scary” at times.

The popular YouTube personality has been largely absent from his famous vlog-dedicated channel recently, leaving his 17.8 million subscribers in the dark. It looks like some fans got fed up with waiting and visited Dobrik’s house. The star was, of course, not too keen on that.

He asked fans not to invade his privacy by turning up at his West Hollywood home, especially during his break. On top of being invasive, he said, it can get “scary” having strangers lurking around his house.

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“Guys… I appreciate you guys so much. I promise! But please, please, do not come to my house,” the internet celebrity said in an Instagram story on June 23.

“If I see you out and about, come say hello! I love that,” the 23-year-old continued in his written message. “But coming to my house is a little scary. Especially ‘cause everyone is a stranger, and Mama Dobrik always says “stranger danger.”

David Dobrik has begged fans not to turn up to his house uninvited during his YouTube hiatus.Instagram: David Dobrik
David Dobrik has begged fans not to turn up to his house uninvited during his YouTube hiatus.

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Dobrik has been on an extended hiatus from his popular YouTube vlog series during the current global lockdown. That hiatus has left fans following his day-to-day adventures on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Luckily, the end of his absence from the video-hosting website seems to be nearing an end. Dobrik confirmed on the Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show “the end is in sight” in regards to keeping his vlogs on the back burner.

“I actually set a goal for myself,” he admitted to Fallon. “There’s a bar down the street [Saddle Ranch, in West Hollywood] that we always go to and, once it’s reopened at full capacity, I will start making videos again.”

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Dobrik has uploaded just a single YouTube video since March 11.YouTube; David Dobrik
Dobrik has uploaded just a single YouTube video since March 11, but says he’ll be back soon.

Earlier this week, Hype House duo Nick Austin and Bryce Hall lashed out at fans that “weren’t respecting privacy” and turning up to film TikToks at their house. Tony Lopez had a similar message for Hype House superfans last week too.

“We moved because this was such a problem at our old house. We even had our property broken into multiple times. Please don’t show up to our home uninvited,” Austin said after some girls and their mom broke into the old Hype House.

TikTok superstar Charli D’Amelio has also had to deal with her own fan drama in the past few days, after her VSCO account was hacked and splashed with “All Lives Matter” messages, contrary to her ongoing support of the BLM movement.