David Beckham reveals which of his kids is the best gamer

Bill Cooney

Football legend David Beckham made one of the toughest choices a parent has to make: deciding which one of their children is the better gamer.

Beckham is one of the most famous footballers in the world, and has made waves in the esports world recently by investing in Guild Esports.

During an interview with Guild about the org’s new academy system, the Inter Miami co-owner also revealed which of his offspring is superior at FIFA 21.


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When asked by host FIFA YouTuber TN25 who was the best gamer in the Beckham household, the star assured viewers that it definitely wasn’t him.

“It’s definitely not me, I would have to say… Romeo. He’s probably the best at FIFA,” the Manchester United legend said about his 18-year-old. It makes sense, since older brothers typically tend to be better at almost everything.

“My youngest son, Cruz, you know he’s got a bit of a fiery character, so he’s going to watch this and be like ‘Dad, I’m the best,” he added.

Not only are his kids already beating him on the virtual pitch, according to Beckham they’re part of the reason he started taking esports seriously in the first place.

“I heard about esports quite a while ago, and I really started taking it seriously when my kids started talking to me about it,” Beckham told TN25. “The excitement around me owning my own esports team, it’s more than anything I’ve ever done in my career, to be honest.”

Guild might even have some future stars lined up for their brand new academy system if Romeo and Cruz decide they want to play ball.

“I mentioned to them the other day ‘You know, there’s going to be an academy, so you can maybe learn how to play a little bit better than you’re actually playing because you’re always shouting at the screen,” Beckham added, in a brutal roast that only a dad could deliver.

Only time will tell if we see one of the younger Beckhams make a name for themselves in esports, but having a dad who owns his own org, not to mention is a living football legend, certainly helps out a bit.