Pornstar Dani Daniels leaves True Geordie speechless with cam girl comments

by Daniel Cleary


Pornstar Dani Daniels appeared on KSI vs Logan boxing match and the Sidemen’s charity football match in Wembley vs the ‘Youtube All-stars”

Geordie has been seeing a lot of success on his channel during recent months, especially after inviting such big-name guests such as Ricky Gervais and Conor McGregor’s head coach, John Kavanagh, to join him and Co-host Lawrence McKenna on their podcast.

True Geordie/YouTube
True Geordie/YouTube
Dani Daniels featured as the lastest guest on the True Geordie Podcast.

For their latest installment of the “True Geordie Podcast,” they managed to get pornstar Dani Daniels to appear on the show and she let them in on her experiences within the industry.

Dani has been working in the adult entertainment industry for over eight years and revealed to Geordie and Lawrence what a day in the life of a cam girl would include after being asked by Lawrence how long she would work for.

“I would have a goal amount of money I would want to make and then when I hit that goal I would be done,” Dani explained to the pair.

Chuckling to himself, Lawrence then compared the lifestyle of a webcam model to one of an Uber driver and how they would stop working once they reach their goal by saying, “Like Uber.”

To which Dani wittingly responded, “Yeah it’s like Uber for my pussy,” jokingly agreeing with Lawrence's assessment.

Geordie was left stuttering for words before saying the sequence would be used as a highlight for the intro of the episode saying “That’s getting clipped in the intro, I fucking love that line.”

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Lawrence followed up on the comparison and described the chats he would have with Uber drivers saying that they would tell him: “Yeah I make a certain amount of money and then I just clock off.”

Dani later went on to detail the rest of her adult entertainment industry experiences and her upcoming plans during the rest of the video, leaving True Geordie fans to wonder which big guest will appear for the next episode of the podcast.