Dana White responds to Jake Paul fight idea to settle beef: “You realize I’m 53?”

Dana White and Jake Paul talking to cameraYouTube: GQ/Instagram: Jake Paul

Dana White has responded to an idea about him potentially fighting Jake Paul at some point, and he’s totally not on board with it.

Since getting involved in the fight game, Jake Paul has found himself embroiled in a few different beefs with respected fighters and officials – and that includes the UFC’s very own Dana White.

While he has a solid relationship with his brother Logan, White has been quick to downplay Jake’s success in the world of boxing, questioning both his pay-per-view sales and ticket numbers on regular occasions. Jake has, of course, fired his own jabs in with regards to UFC fighter pay and health care.

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The YouTuber-turned-boxer has expressed interest in getting inside the Octagon too and wants to fight MMA superstar Conor McGregor. Though, some fans would rather see him and Dana settle their score with a fight.

Dana White plays down idea of eventual Jake Paul fight

However, Dana isn’t exactly on board with that idea. The UFC President was a part of GQ Sports’ Actually Me YouTube series where the question about him and Jake fighting came up.

One fan referenced the infamous moment where Dana was going to fight UFC legend Tito Ortiz back in 2007, and suggested that, while that never happened, maybe Dana could fight Jake.

“You guys realize I’m 53 years old, right? When I was going to fight Tito, I was 37. I’m 53!” Dana quickly fired back. “Come talk to me when you f**king idiots are 53 years old and tell me if you want to fight some f**king 20-year-old kid. I promise you, you do not.”

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While the idea of a Dana vs Jake fight is a bit outside of the box, the fact he’s already shut it down will annoy some UFC and boxing fans who want to see Dana get his hands on Jake.

We’ll just have to settle for them continuing their beef with verbal and online jabs, rather than physical ones.