Dafran returning to Twitch with long-awaited "Farming Simulator" stream

Dafran returning to Twitch with long-awaited “Farming Simulator” stream

Published: 11/Sep/2020 14:23

by David Purcell


Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca has finally announced his return to Twitch after a long hiatus, with a long-awaited “Farm Simulator” broadcast coming soon. 

The former Overwatch pro player shocked the world when he announced the end of his professional career, switching OWL stages for life in the fields of farming. Nobody could believe it, but now he’s going to show us what his new life is like – presumably.

Dafran announced his return to the streaming platform on September 11, filling fans in on when he will next go live. Some thought he had quit forever, based on past comments.

Thousands of fans have been waiting in anticipation for a closer look at his life transformation, but for all we know right now, it could genuinely be the game Farming Simulator that he’s playing.


Dafran used to be a pro Overwatch player.

When is Dafran coming back to Twitch?

No matter what he has in store, the streamer will be hitting screens with a new broadcast between September 11-13, according to a post on Twitter.

He tweeted: “Farming simulator stream this weekend probably. Turn on notifications if you don’t wanna miss it on Twitch. Happy Friday boys.”

A nice Friday surprise for his followers, coupled with the viral “turn up mufasa” meme video. Now, the wait begins.

It remains to be seen if the streamer is going to be pulling out a real tractor or just rolling around in one in-game, for now. Either way, it should be good fun.


Those wanting to watch him live have been urged to turn notifications on for his channel, with no start time confirmed.

This is also a big boost for Twitch viewers as well, following on from the news that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has signed an exclusive contract to stream there again. More and more options are opening up to those wanting to tune into streamers online, with summit1g, TimTheTatman, and others still going live regularly on Twitch alone.

One thing is for sure: Dafran’s stream is long-awaited, and thousands will likely want to be part of the action.