Dafran freezes in icy bath for ridiculous Twitch channel points challenge

Dafran in bathtubTwitch/Dafran

Twitch streamer and former Overwatch League star Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca rewarded his viewers by suffering in a freezing cold bath after they managed to complete a crazy channel points challenge.

Channel points are fairly easy to earn – by watching a stream, gifting subscriptions or other actions, viewers can unlock points that can then be used to unlock emotes or even make the streamer perform a task of their choosing.

One of the coolest things about channel points is that streamers can implement challenges where if viewers pool their points, they can win something super special.

In Dafran’s case, the Twitch star-turned-farmer made it so if his chat would hit six million points in one broadcast, he’d take a five minute bath in icy cold water.

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Dafran’s chat was able to complete the goal just as the Danish DPS prodigy finished a match in Valorant to place in Immortal.

“Guys, we will go into that bathtub today when the stream ends,” he said. “You guys really hit six million in one stream, you guys are f**king crazy. You guys are absolutely nuts, dude.”

A bit later on, Dafran managed to set up his bathtub and filled it with super cold water to attempt the challenge. Despite wearing a shirt and shorts, Francesca quickly learned just how freezing it would be.

Moments after hopping into the tub, the streamer screamed in agony. “Very cold!” he shivered.

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“Five minutes!” he murmured, while still being a good sport by putting his head underwater. “I can’t talk!”

Eventually, when it came time for Dafran to get out, he had to improvise and find a way for his viewers not to see any parts of his body that could result in a ban. The fast-thinking Dane decided to just toss a couple of towels at the camera, and his second sent it to the floor below.

“Yes, easy!” he clapped, impressed with his IRL aim.

It’s always good to see streamers who normally game go a bit outside their comfort zone and try something new for the amusement of viewers. Hopefully, Dafran can keep it up and we see more of his channel challenge point antics in the future.

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