Dad goes viral on TikTok for humiliating daughter in front of “cute waiter”

tiktoker's dad humiliates his daughterTikTok/keemokazi

A father has gone extremely viral on TikTok for embarrassing his daughter at a restaurant after she told him she found their waiter to be attractive.

It’s not uncommon for parents to embarrass their kids in public, but it’s a whole other story when the humiliation is seen by millions of people.

That’s exactly what happened when TikToker ‘keemokazi’ and his family were having dinner at a nice restaurant and his dad decided to call over the waiter.

Without warning, the TikToker’s dad shared some confidential information with the employee that left his sister absolutely mortified.

TikToker’s dad embarrasses daughter at restaurant

After calling over the waiter for a brief talk, keemokazi’s dad decided to spill the beans on what his daughter felt about him.

“Excuse me, my daughter thinks that you are so cute,” the dad told the waiter, much to the dismay of the girl who could only cover her face in shock.

As the family broke into laughter, keemokazi’s sister found herself literally going under the table to hide from the humiliation.

tiktoker goes under table.TikTok/keemokazi
The TikToker’s sister was absolutely mortified.

It’s unclear if she decided to eventually eat her food under there as well, but in the comments, some users explained they would have reacted by leaving the restaurant completely.

“I would cry and never show up again,” one commented. “That’s about 3 years of therapy to go out with dad again,” another joked.

Unfortunately for the daughter, her embarrassment has been shared with the world. Since being posted on July 16, the video has gone super viral with over 111M views and 20M likes.

Hopefully, she can learn from this and take precautions to avoid being embarrassed next time she’s out with her family.